We recognise that running a business is hard work, financing it should not be!

SJT Advisory Limited uses 30 years of Corporate Banking experience to help you secure a better deal from your existing bank or new finance to help your business realise it’s potential. Having a banker on your side of table who understands how banks' work can save you a lot of time and effort!

The variety of funding options available to SMEs continues to increase. Navigating this landscape can be difficult and time consuming, which is why businesses turn to independent advice. SJT Advisory has deep relationships at senior levels with the most active lenders. We will ensure you are partnered with the most appropriate lender for your current requirements, furthermore ensuring that the terms reflect the competitive market.


Invoice Finance, Asset Based Lending, Asset Finance, Grants, Peer 2 Peer Loans and Acquisition Finance can all be used to support refinances or transactions such as MBOs or MBIs.

Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance breathes life into your cash flow and reduces your reliance on inflexible bank overdrafts, allowing your business to grow. We know all the key lenders that offer invoice discounting, factoring and construction finance. SJT - Read More Button

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Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending, or ABL, is wider than Invoice Finance and leverages against all the assets of the business including Commercial Property, Stock, Machinery & Equipment. SJT - Read More Button

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Asset Finance

Asset Finance enables businesses not only to raise money to buy equipment and assets but also to release capital from the assets they already own through our asset finance solutions. SJT - Read More Button

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Grant Finder

With c£3bn of grant funding available to UK businesses and thousands of schemes out there, we have access to a market leading tool which enables you to both search for grants that are available now and get alerts if any become available in the future. Take a look: West Midlands xsortal SJT - Read More Button

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Peer 2 Peer Loans

Peer2Peer Loan providers can offer a range of business loans, both secured and unsecured. It is a very useful form of finance for businesses that cannot access other traditional forms of finance. SJT - Read More Button

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Acquisition Finance

Acquisition Finance is very hard to come by from your bank and if you are looking at an MBO or MBI, we can help you structure a deal using some or all of the finance tools mentioned. We have many years of experience in helping you structure these types of deals. SJT - Read More Button

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We’re also firmly of the view that a sound relationship with your existing bank is really important. Changing should not be the default option, but you want to ensure you are getting the best deal possible from your existing bank. An initial meeting to understand your business and requirements comes with no cost and no obligation. If after we meet, you like what we’re saying, our terms of engagement are flexible to suit your needs. Feel free to contact Simon Turner ACIB, BA (Hons) Financial Services, for a no obligation chat and take a look at our articles to see the deals we have worked on. GET IN TOUCH btn

Case Studies

We happily work with all sizes of business, from start up enterprises to multi national corporates. Take a look at the selection of case studies below.
Kate & Co Limited is a long established recruitment business based in Solihull, supplying white collar temps and perms into specialist areas. Mike Hughes, the majority shareholder and MD was seeking to sell down his stake via an MBO to Sarah Grace and Jo Callaghan, both key members of existing management who had been with the business for many years. SJT Advisory were introduced by Kate & Co’s accountants to source unsecured cash flow funding and were able to secure a loan with a 5 year tenor. SJT also worked with the incumbent Invoice Financier to improve availability by including perms debt within the availability – the simple aim being to maximise availability from the asset base. Sarah Grace, newly appointed MD said: Having never been in a situation where we had to raise funds in this context, it was imperative that we found the right organisation to work in partnership to secure the money to buy the shares from our longstanding business partner and the majority shareholder. Simon really got to understand our organisation and made sure that he managed our expectations keeping us informed and up to date during every stage of the process. Simon’s approach and knowledge of corporate finance and the Peer2Peer market is evident as he managed to secure us funds at an extremely competitive rate over a period that suited the long term aims of the business. I would have no hesitation in recommending Simon and the service that he provides. Professional, knowledgeable and a reassuring advisor during a process that can be incredibly daunting. Our thanks and appreciation Simon. Simon Turner of SJT Advisory said: The team had approached their own bank regarding funding this transaction but in reality this is an area where the banks struggle to play and I understand why that is. The Peer2Peer market is open for this type of deal however and to get 5 year money at a competitive price enabled the deal to close and all members of the management team are delighted with the outcome. I was very careful to ensure that we generated the maximum amount of availability and headroom within the business, thereby ensuring completing the deal itself didn’t put unnecessary pressure on the day to day financing. It is my view that a business can never have too much headroom but often doesn’t have enough.
RL Walsh & Sons (Coventry) Limited, established in 1958, is a second generation production engineering and gear cutting business. The current owners have reached retirement age and Mark Manning and Richard Webb of Richmann Engineering Limited have completed the share purchase. SJT Advisory sourced MBI funding, comprising an Invoice Finance line from RBS and a bridging facility from Together Finance, a specialist property financier. Mark Manning of Richmann Engineering said: I’m really pleased with the advice we received from Simon. He could see that retention of the RBS relationship was really important for the long term and has secured funding for us without the need to pledge all our assets to one provider. We look forward to working with Simon as we continue with our growth plans for Richmann Engineering. Simon Turner of SJT Advisory said: When I first met the MBI team, an all-asset offer was on the table from an ABL player. I was keen for the 60 year bank relationship to continue whilst recognising and understanding the difficulties that mainstream banks have in funding MBI transactions, even in light of the deep sectoral experience of the incoming team. By undertaking a bridging facility on the commercial property, we cut through the MBI red tape and will refinance the property post deal to a high street lender, preferably the incumbent bankers. The RBSIF facility is superb as both a deal enabler and a tool for growth. We have therefore sourced all the funding we need without resort to the P&M and maintained the longstanding RBS relationship – an important factor in my view. I’m really excited for the future of the company and it’s employees. I’m delighted to have been able to assist Mark and Richard and look forward to working with them on their journey.
CSS Support Solutions Limited commenced business in 2005 and have grown rapidly to be the market leader in Cable Management and Support Systems. They have a manufacturing operation at the West Bromwich head office and further distribution depots in Warrington and Glasgow, enabling them to provide a national service to the wholesale and distribution market. One of their steel suppliers invited SJT Advisory to look at the Invoice Finance Costs which are a key overhead for the business. SJT Advisory maintained the current non-recourse Invoice Discounting relationship with HSBC but reduced the total service fees by 49% and reduced the interest charges by 16%. Chris Corbett, Managing Director of CSS Support Solutions said: The savings we enjoyed from SJT Advisory were much greater than we expected. The service from start to finish was excellent and it has made a massive difference to our HSBC costs. We cannot recommend SJT Advisory services enough for their professional and excellent service and most importantly savings! Simon Turner of SJT Advisory said: The CSS business has gone from start up enterprise to £15m sales in 12 years! – that is no mean feat and whilst they enjoy an excellent and supportive relationship with HSBC, the pricing of the Invoice Finance facility had not been proactively reviewed to ensure it was aligned to the size and quality of the underlying business. A trade credit insurer looked at replacing the HSBC credit insurance and I’m delighted that HSBC worked hard to retain the business with a much improved service fee and interest margin. The CSS team are working hard to continue on their growth trajectory and I very much look forward to a continued relationship with management.
R & B UK JT Limited based in Telford, are a longstanding family business; specialising in the manufacturer and distribution of access covers, gully gratings and frames. Ian Russell, MD, invited SJT Advisory to look at the Invoice Finance Costs which are a key overhead for the business. SJT Advisory maintained the current Invoice Discounting relationship with HSBC but ensured the costs were fixed. The non-recourse element of the facility was replaced with a Euler Hermes credit insurance policy, again with a fixed premium. Funding costs were reduced by 11% which resulted in Total annual savings of 40%. Ian Russell of R & B UK JT Limited said: Simon was given a very strict brief in that the existing excellent relationship with HSBC was not to be compromised in any way. Using his extensive knowledge of the Invoice Finance / Credit Insurance markets we have been able to make significant savings on our previous rates with HSBC IF, whilst moving the credit insurance facility to Euler Hermes who again with Simon’s input have put together a very competitive all-encompassing package to work alongside the new HSBC facility. We are very impressed with the way Simon conducted the negotiations with all parties throughout and sincerely wish that we had been made aware of his exceptional services earlier as clearly the ultimate savings going forward will be substantial and allow us to become more competitive as the business continues to grow. On behalf of the company I can fully recommend SJT Advisory in every respect and must thanks Simon for his hard work on our behalf that has resulted in a very sustainable finance package going forward Simon Turner of SJT Advisory said: I’ve really enjoyed working with the team at R & B UK JT. The charges were not reflective of the size and quality of the counterparty so we quickly normalised these. Credit Insurance through HSBC was expensive and we effectively halved the premium by taking out a Euler Policy. The company were also concerned by lack of credit appetite on potential new customers which was hampering growth opportunities. We found the fixed premium, greater limit coverage and the ability to pay slightly more for cover on certain customers a very compelling combination. The company have retained their excellent longstanding relationship with HSBC and I very much look forward to an ongoing relationship with the team at R & B UK JT Limited
Direct Personnel (Midlands) Limited are a temporary manpower business, based in Smethwick. Set up in 2007 by Richard Buchan and Simon Reynolds, they provide temporary manpower into blue collar sectors and they have used factoring since inception. SJT Advisory got involved following a personal introduction as factoring costs represented a significant overhead for the business. They have always banked with Lloyds and were guided by Lloyds advice that their deal was competitive. As a result of the engagement, Direct Personnel achieved annual savings of 24%; they have entered into a 3-year agreement with Lloyds on revised terms. Richard Buchan of Direct Personnel said: Getting Simon involved in our financing negotiations has been really good news for us. We were frustrated that we could not achieve any cost savings with our current provider; Simon’s knowledge has ensured we ended up with a much better deal from Lloyds. He also acted for us on a contingency basis so there was no risk for us and I will be recommending him to my own network. Simon Turner of SJT Advisory said: Factoring is the perfect product for temporary manpower businesses as it provides the working capital to achieve growth. Richard and Simon have got a great business with solid plans for future growth. Financing is a key overhead for this type of business and I’m delighted we have achieved a significant saving going forwards.
Parkrow Alloys Limited, based in Wolverhampton, are an Aluminium stockholder specializing in shearing, slitting and de-coiling, supplying to a wide variety of industries and providing an essential link between mill producers and end customers. They commenced trading in 1999 and have always banked with Barclays. The group benefits from both Invoice Discounting and Factoring facilities to fund ongoing working capital requirements. SJT Advisory were introduced proactively by David Evans, Partner, Lancaster Haskins as Invoice Finance costs were a significant overhead for the business and David wanted to ensure his Client’s costs were reflective of market trends. As a result of the engagement, Parkrow achieved annual savings of 20%; they have entered into a 3-year agreement with Barclays on revised terms. Mark Baker of Parkrow said: I’m really pleased that my accountant introduced Simon. His experience means he understands exactly how to negotiate with the bank and has acted very professionally in getting us a much improved deal with Barclays. We have a longstanding relationship with Barclays; however it is important that all our key overheads are analysed. Simon took all the pain out of the negotiations and as he acted for us on a contingency basis, I saw no risk in using him and would strongly recommend his services. Simon Turner of SJT Advisory said: Parkrow is a great business in the heart of the Black Country. I’m really pleased that Barclays have offered improved terms to Parkrow, which are reflective of the current highly competitive Invoice Finance market. Parkrow can continue with all their exciting growth initiatives safe in the knowledge that their financing structure is appropriate for the future and competitively priced.
Creative Digital Printing Limited, established in 2001, offer a wide range of printing services and creative design to a large array of customers. They have banked with HSBC since 2008 and have in place a factoring facility with credit protection plus an in case of need overdraft facility. SJT Advisory were introduced by one of their suppliers who were keen to see if they could assist their supply chain. As a result of the engagement, Creative have seen a 50% reduction in their factoring service fees, a significant saving to the cost of credit insurance and a more appropriate security structure. Ian Relf of Creative said: Simon’s involvement has really helped our business. His knowledge of how to negotiate with the bank has been invaluable to us and I am pleased to be able to retain his services on an ongoing basis. I hope he will be able to assist our supply chain too! Simon Turner of SJT Advisory said: The HSBC facility had steadily become more expensive each year and the company were encouraged to take credit protection for all customers. A more appropriate structure sees third party credit insurance covering the biggest customers only and a market facing factoring facility which sees significant cost reduction. The security structure has been re negotiated to remove matrimonial property and replace with unsupported guarantees. I’m comfortable that this represents a much better package of facilities for the future and I’m pleased HSBC have worked hard to retain Creative as a customer.
G A Helliar & Son Limited, established in 1932, provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services in the Yeovil area. SJT Advisory were introduced by Helliar’s cost management consultant as the invoice finance facility was identified as a significant overhead for the business. The directors were keen to see if this overhead could be reduced, preferably by avoiding the operational disruption that comes from changing provider. As a result of the engagement, Helliars have remained with their current provider and seen a 47% reduction in the total cost of the Invoice Discounting. Garry Helliar of GA Helliar said: We were recommended to discuss our invoice discounting with SJT Advisory by our Auditel consultant. Simon explained in very clear terms how he would approach the possibility of reducing our costs with our bank. He listened carefully to understand fully our current situation and, following this meeting, he very quickly contacted our bank.  We were very impressed by the way Simon acted so efficiently and professionally and were absolutely delighted with the results he managed to obtain at amazing speed! We would recommend anyone in a similar situation to ourselves to contact Simon. With his experience and expertise he is able to; Explain (in English!) the workings of the invoice discounting world; Give sound advice with no false promises; Act quickly and professionally. Basically, if anyone can improve the costs of your invoice discounting, it’s Simon. Simon Turner of SJT Advisory said: Invoice Discounting was identified as a significant cost but external expertise was required in this specialist area, hence my involvement. All parties are pleasantly surprised at the significant levels of savings achieved. Having structured invoice finance facilities for many years, I know what good looks like; I know businesses do not wish to move provider unless absolutely necessary; and I know everyone gets a great deal of satisfaction in saving money! I’m delighted to have helped Garry with all of the above and wish Helliars the very best as they continue with their 85 year journey.


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Simon and I worked together at RBSIF where I was the Managing Director. I always found Simon to be an engaging person and someone who displayed real passion for what he did. Simon has many years of experience in understanding the needs of businesses, small, medium and large. He always took time to ensure he knew the strategy of the business he was talking to and then structure facilities in the most appropriate way for them. Simon is a really genuine person, he always ensured his dealings with people were honest and transparent hence why I have no hesitation in recommending him. I wish Simon every success in his new venture and I know it will be grounded in doing what is right for all involved.

Martin Morrin

Executive Director at CBM Systems Consultancy Ltd
Simon and I worked together at RBS IF, where he was part of my origination team. Simon is genuinely enthusiastic and inquisitive about businesses and people. His style is open and friendly, but exceptionally professional. He's got real, intimate knowledge of his subject built up over many years and the ability to apply this practically. Combine this with being thoroughly likeable, and you will see why I have no hesitation in recommending him, and his new venture.

Chris Hawes

Country Head Transaction Risk Management at HSBC, Global Trade and Receivables Finance
Simon worked in my team as an Invoice Finance / ABL Corporate Development Director covering the Birmingham area. He was always extremely proactive and tenacious and more than capable at influencing and getting people to buy into his message. He also worked in a secondment on the design of Non Recourse Receivables where his experience and application created a considerable amount of value. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Mark St John Qualter

Real Estate SME Lending Transformation

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