Business & Commercial Grant Finder

There’s a huge opportunity for UK business to benefit from Grant Funding. With nearly £3bn available across 10 key business purposes we don’t want our clients to miss out. The current problem facing us all is that no one really knows where to look!

The Xsortal is a new grant matching and alert tool that we think will really benefit you. It enables you to search for every Regional and National grant scheme that you are eligible for and also, based on your areas of interest, provide regular alerts on new schemes which do change all the time.

The platform is available to businesses of any size for £150 per annum which we think is fantastic value and of course the cost is tax deductible.

From our point of view we are fully equipped to help you add value to any grant you find, whether that be help preparing the application, sourcing any match funding or maximising the tax benefits that may arise.

Use the following link to register your business and open your business up to the opportunity of some free money!

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